Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes what information I gathered in my games, and why.


Collection of Non-Personal Information


While I collect no personal information about you (the end user) in my games, I do collect anonymous information to evolve my games to general user preferences.

This anonymous information includes statistics on logged playtime pr. game level, preferred levels/parts and in-game upgrades. As these information gives me a hint as how I can improve the game further.


Device identifiers, limited ad tracking and GDPR compliance


In order to keep my users data safe, I serve all advertising trough Unity Ads. This service is fully GDPR compliant, requiring in app consent which can be also revoked at any time. When consent is given, the service uses IDFA on iOS and Advertiser ID on Android to deliver ad content relevant to the user instead of generic advertising and does not transmit or store information on users who have limit ad tracking enabled. That partnership also ensures that the app is and stays compliant with both Apple and Google’s evolving requirements.


Third Party Privacy Policies


If you wish to see the Unity privacy policies, you can find it here via the link below:


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