ABOUT THV-Interactive

THV Interactive was started in 2016 by Thomas Vestergaard, as a one-man endeavor to develop quality interactive software and games.


Currently the focus is directed towards development of the mobile game “Classic Racer”. But a strong passion for experimenting and creating interactive experiences reaches far beyond that.


How it's done

Game Development


With its ability to iterate trough numerus prototypes to quickly find the one that works, and the high-quality end product it delivers. Unity3d is nothing short of amazing when it comes to developing games.

So whether it is for mobile, PC or Console games Unity3d is the tool of choice.

All scripting is done in C# with focus on writing clean, optimized and well documented code.

Modeling and Texturing


Blender 3d was used extensively throughout the making of Classic Racer. And it is the preferred tool, when it comes to creating good looking 3D models.


Substance® Painter & Designer

The Substance range of tools from Allegorithmic makes creation of game textures both relatively easy and fun.

Both Substance Designer and Painter, was used extensively throughout Classic Racer. Where the creation of customizable motorcycle parts, is driven entirely by substances.

And with its highly optimizable export options, Substance Designer creates small, efficient packages, that works flawlessly with Unity.



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